Step-by-Step to Bakes on Mesh

Hello! As I am getting ready to release MAZE’s first skin, which is BoM only, I have decided to put together this handy guide to help my customers use it. The examples I have listed are for the bodies and heads I am experienced with. I apologize if I have not covered your favorite mesh […]

Flickr – Lich Queen

I’m back with a post featuring my first sponsor – Luiz Turbo of TURB / PENUMBRA, and it’s one of my favorite posts so far! You guys seem to like it as well. I’ve always been big on the undead theme, I loved playing as Forsaken in World of Warcraft but I never cared much […]

Flickr – Thirsty

Time for a full run-down of this vampirish look from flickr! This is what I’m wearing: Skin – Insol “Lily” (gift!) Head – Catwa “Catya” Eyes – Izzie’s Demon Eyes Hair – EMOtions “Tari” Drool – Dirty Secrets ~ Drool Tattoo – CAROL G – Heart – Underboobs Tattoo Crown – Alchemy – Iron Crown – Iron Horns […]

Flickr – Medusa Unit

This picture is the end of a long line of inspiration and reference, lol. I was looking through Aster‘s brilliant photos and decided to make an android, and after fitting the jaw it reminded me to recreate this gorgeous picture, which in turn I believe was inspired by the likeness of miss Julia Almendra. I […]