Hello! As I am getting ready to release MAZE’s first skin, which is BoM only, I have decided to put together this handy guide to help my customers use it.

The examples I have listed are for the bodies and heads I am experienced with. I apologize if I have not covered your favorite mesh parts. I hope this guide can still be useful to you, and make sure to check out the universal HUD in the last section of this article.

First I will lay out some general info, answers to common questions, and then continue with practical advice on using the BoM system.

BoM – general info

BoM, which stands for Bakes On Mesh, is a method which allows you to double-click an item in your inventory to apply skins and tattoos on your face and body, just like you would a dress or a hairstyle.

Why is it better than appliers? Why should I use it?

  1. Stack as many tattoos on top of each other as you want. You want to wear body veins, body glow and be inked all at once? Now you can! It was impossible with appliers.
  2. Never forget what you were wearing. The BoM skin and tattoos you wear will be listed with your clothes when you save an outfit. You won’t have to look at an old outfit and go, “I wish I knew which skin I applied on this avatar…”
  3. No more clipping with alpha. I used to have problems where my hair or clothes erased my tattoos. With BoM, this does not happen, since everything you apply is “baked” onto your body instead of using alphas.
  4. More accessible for skin and tattoo creators. Creating system layers is infinitely simpler than going through scripts and notecards for each different brand of mesh body when creating an applier HUD.

Help! I can’t take off my skin?!

You can’t! Don’t panic. There always has to be a skin on your body. The way you deal with this is you replace it. If you don’t like a skin you are wearing, what you have to do is find another one in your inventory, and equip that one instead.

BoM on the body

  1. Please make sure you have updated your mesh body to the latest version which makes it easier to use the Bakes On Mesh system. To update, you can visit the body brand’s inworld store and click their redelivery terminal.
  2. From the inventory folder of the skin you purchased, wear the skin layer that matches the mesh body you are using. It will most likely be labelled with the name of the body. For example, to use MAZE Helen skin on Maitreya, equip the “Helen face+body – Maitreya” layer by double-clicking it. Using the proper layer ensures the best texture fit, as textures lay slightly different on each mesh body, most noticeably around the toes and the nipples.
  3. While wearing your mesh body, use the body’s HUD to switch it to the Bakes On Mesh system.
    • If you are using Maitreya or Legacy, please refer to the image I have included right below this list.
    • If you are using Slink and have updated it to Redux, no action is needed! Your Redux body supports BoM out of the box.
    • If you are using Belleza, you will have to get this free HUD. After receiving it, equip it, click on it and voilá! You’re using BoM. You can detach the HUD after you’re done.
  4. Is your body a red blob now? Please unequip any Alpha layers you might be wearing and you should be okay. Keep scrolling to learn about how to enable BoM on your mesh head!

BoM on the head

  1. If you haven’t done it, update your head to the newest version by visiting the head brand’s inworld store and clicking on the redelivery terminal.
  2. MAZE skins come as a full head+body layer, so you don’t have to equip anything extra for your head. However, some skin stores will include head skins as separate, tattoo layers. If this is the case with the skin you have purchased, please equip the necessary head tattoo layer from your skin’s folder before we move on.
  3. For best results, use a skin which was designed for the brand of the mesh head you are using. Yes, you can equip ANY skin on ANY head via the BoM system (and nothing is stopping you from trying) – however, since the different mesh head brands have slightly different UV maps (meaning that the skin texture “sits” on them differently), the result might look a bit weird and might not match what’s shown on the skin’s advertisement. This is not the skin creator’s fault!
  4. If you are wearing a Catwa head, there are two options:
    • If your head is version 4.5 (the newest), please see the image included below this list.
    • If your head is any version below 4.5, you will need to get the free HUD from the Catwa mainstore before we move on. It’s called the “CATWA HUD BOM relay” and it’s in the gifts section. Once you get it, equip it, click on it, and you should see your new skin appear on your face!
  5. If you are wearing a Genus head, these are the two options:
    • If your head is version 1.7 (the newest), BoM comes pre-installed and should already work for you!
    • If your head is version 1.6 or below, you can fill out this form and the Genus team will deliver to you a Genus BoM HUD, that you can click on to switch your Genus head to the BoM system. Alternatively, if some of your friends already have the HUD, they can send it to you since the HUD is transfer!
  6. If you are wearing a Lelutka head, again there are two options:
    • If your head is Lelutka Evolution, it comes with BoM pre-installed so no action is required from you!
    • If your head is Lelutka but not from the new Evolution series, please consult the image included below this list.
  7. If your head is now a red blob, please unequip any alpha layers you might be wearing! If you want to wear mesh eyes, you should use an alpha that covers the eyes only, which might already be included in your mesh eyes’ folder.

After this, you should be all set!

More Resources

In case you are using a different kind of mesh head and/or body, and you don’t think they offer BoM support on their own or through their respective HUDs, you can check out this Omega BoM HUD which will work with any Omega-enabled head and body. Since it uses Omega to work, make sure to equip any Omega Installers or Relays your mesh parts require to use Omega, and then you can equip the Omega BoM HUD and click it.

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